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Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1 C2 C3 C4
Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1 C2 C3 C4
Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1 C2 C3 C4
Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1 C2 C3 C4
Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1 C2 C3 C4
Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1 C2 C3 C4
Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1 C2 C3 C4
Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1 C2 C3 C4
Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1 C2 C3 C4
Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1 C2 C3 C4
Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1 C2 C3 C4
Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1 C2 C3 C4
Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1 C2 C3 C4
Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1 C2 C3 C4

Shuttle ENP-2320 Adapter for Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1 C2 C3 C4

Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1 C2 C3 C4 Servers Charger Replacement ENP-2320

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Special Price :$98.88 (DISCOUNT UP TO 30%) Availability In Stock.

Replacement for Shuttle ENP-2320 Adapter is rated at 100-240V 3.5A 47-63Hz 110-240V 200W.The high quality Servers charger for Shuttle ENP-2320 provides your Servers with safe and reliable power.It is over Charge protection, Voltage protection, Temperature protection, Short circuit protection, enjoys 1-Year Warranty,30-Day Money Back!

  • Condition:Brand New
  • SKU : FSP17497-GSB150_Se
  • Brand :Shuttle
  • AC Input :100-240V 3.5A 47-63Hz
  • DC Output :110-240V 200W
  • Output Power :200W
  • Connector Size:150*83*42mm
  • Compatible :ENP-2320
  • Warranty: Full 12 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money Back

Product Detail

Shuttle ENP-2320 Excellent quality Adapter Replacement

This Shuttle ENP-2320 Adapter is compatible with the Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1 C2 C3 C4. Additional compatible Adapter part numbers are listed below.

Each Shuttle ENP-2320 Adapter carries a full 1 Year warranty and every Adapter is charged and tested before it ships. We provide a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Features of Our Shuttle ENP-2320 replacement Adapter:

Special designed replacement Servers AC Adapter for Shuttle ENP-2320 and more.

Short circuit and over voltage protection.

Highest quality parts are used in our Servers AC Adapter.

Compatible with your device guarantee.

Our Adapters are 100% brand new, CE / FCC / ROHS-certified for safety and environmentally friendly.

Brand New, 30 Days Money Back, 1 Year Warranty, 100% Secure Shopping Guarantee!

Fast, friendly and hassle free customer service.

* Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.

This Shuttle ENP-2320 Adapter Replaces:

FSP100-50GUB FSP180-50PLA FSP200-50AP

This ENP-2320 Adapter fits the following Shuttle models:

Output Voltage and Current Rating:
+3.3V 11A
+5V 12A
+12V 12A
+5Vsb 2A
-12V 0.5A
Interface: 24-pin motherboard power supply*1, 4-pin CPU power supply*1, SATA port*2, IDE round port*2

Shuttle KPC K45
Shuttle KPC K48
Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1
Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C2
Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C3
Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C4

Shuttle PC36I0002
Shuttle PS-X200W
Shuttle XPC D, K, G, G2, G5, G6 (EXCEPT SD11G5, SS56L, SK83G, SN85G4, SN95G5, ST20G5)
Shuttle XPC FV25
Shuttle XPC SA76G2
Shuttle XPC SB51G
Shuttle XPC SB51GB
Shuttle XPC SB52G2
Shuttle XPC SB61G
Shuttle XPC SB61G2
Shuttle XPC SB61G2V3
Shuttle XPC SB61G2V3 Reflexion
Shuttle XPC SB61G2V4
Shuttle XPC SB62G2
Shuttle XPC SB65G2
Shuttle XPC SB75G2
Shuttle XPC SB77G5
Shuttle XPC SB83G5
Shuttle XPC SB83G5C
Shuttle XPC SB95P
Shuttle XPC SD30G2
Shuttle XPC SD30G2 Plus
Shuttle XPC SG31G2
Shuttle XPC SG31G2 V2
Shuttle XPC SG31G5
Shuttle XPC SG33G5
Shuttle XPC SG33G5M
Shuttle XPC SG33G6 Deluxe
Shuttle XPC SK21G
Shuttle XPC SK41G
Shuttle XPC SK41GPFC
Shuttle XPC SK43G
Shuttle XPC SK83
Shuttle XPC SN25P
Shuttle XPC SN41G
Shuttle XPC SN41G2
Shuttle XPC SN41G2B
Shuttle XPC SN41G2V2
Shuttle XPC SN41G2V3
Shuttle XPC SN45G
Shuttle XPC SN45GV2
Shuttle XPC SN45GV3
Shuttle XPC SN68PTG5
Shuttle XPC SN68PTG6 Deluxe
Shuttle XPC SN68SG2
Shuttle XPC SN85G
Shuttle XPC SN95G5B
Shuttle XPC SS30G
Shuttle XPC SS40G
Shuttle XPC SS50C
Shuttle XPC SS51G
Shuttle XPC SS51G1
Shuttle XPC SS51G1(v2.0)
Shuttle XPC SS51GV2
Shuttle XPC SS56G
Shuttle XPC SS56GV2
Shuttle XPC SS56L
Shuttle XPC SS58G2
Shuttle XPC SS59
Shuttle XPC SS59G
Shuttle XPC SS59GV2
Shuttle XPC ST20G5
Shuttle XPC ST61G4
Shuttle XPC SV24
Shuttle XPC SV25

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Achme AM618BS15S
Achme AM630BS20S (With -5V)
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Sparkle 9PA1802262
Sparkle FSP150-50PL
Sparkle FSP150-50PL1R
Sparkle FSP180-50PLA
Sparkle FSP180-50PLA1
Sparkle FSP200-50PLA
Sparkle FSP200-50PLA2
Sparkle FSP200-50PLB
Sparkle FSP220-60LE
Sparkle FSP220-50LC
Sparkle FSP250-60LG
Sparkle FSP300-60LG

TGR (Tiger Power) TG-1201
TGR (Tiger Power) TG-1204
Thermaltake SD100

Safety Protection

To use your adapter better, please follow the precautions listed below

Do not modify or disassemble the Shuttle ENP-2320 adapter.

Do not incinerate or expose adapter to excessive heat, which may result in an exposure.

Do not expose Shuttle ENP-2320 to water or other moist matters.

Do not pierce, hit, step on, crush or abuse the Shuttle ENP-2320 new adapter.

Do not place Shuttle ENP-2320 Servers adapter in device for a long period of time if device is not being used.

Do not short circuit the terminals or store your ENP-2320 Servers adapter pack with metal objects such as necklaces or hairpins.

Shipment Methods

Currently, all of our shipments are through Priority Mail (EMS USPS),if you are dealer,you can selected others .We can not offer Overnight (UPS Red) and 2nd Day Delivery (UPS Blue) .

Shipping & Handling

Free Shipping on All Orders!

Estimated Delivery Time:7 - 15 Business Days

It is very easy for you to check the status of your order and locate the package during transit, as an email with a tracking number will be sent to your email address after your order has been shipped out. Tracking number will be emailed to buyer once your ordered item is shipped out.

Shipping rates: Our rates include the expenses of shipping, handling and the high quality packaging.

Attention: Priority mail will be used for all PO Box shipping addresses ,But All APO's and military addresses do not apply here. Please use standard shipping for these. Thank you.

Payment Methods

Payment Details


1-Year Warranty

We offer a 12-month warranty to replace the Shuttle ENP-2320 Servers battery! In the meantime, if your battery fails due to quality problems, we will replace it with a new one for free.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We promise, the new Shuttle ENP-2320 battery Can be used free for 30 days, not satisfied with direct return.

100% Security Payment

We focus on the protection of personal privacy information, and we have taken all steps to ensure that your shopping experience is safe and secure, buy Shuttle ENP-2320 replacement battery with confidence!

How to find the correct product

When purchasing a battery or adapter for your device, compatibility is the most important factor. In order for our products to work on your device, it must be compatible. offers more than 150,000 compatible models and part numbers for your devices. Before purchasing our products, please follow our tips below to find the right product for your device.

Your device owner's manual should have the brand and model number on the front cover. In addition, most devices have a manufacturering label on the bottom of your device. This label should have the brand and model number on it.

If you are purchasing an adapter, you should verify the device's model number, input voltage and current before placing an order.

If your are purchasing a battery, you should shut down your device first, and then remove the battery and look at the original battery part number label of the battery.

Batteries from major manufacturers use standardized part numbers. The following are the sample part numbers from the major brands:

HP, Compaq 123456-001


Dell 312-1234, 1234P

IBM, Lenovo 02K1234, 08K1234

Toshiba PA1234U-1BRS

To confirm compatibility, customer should verify the physical appearance, part number, position and orientation of the connector and the latch position of your original battery with the product information shown on our website.

Please kindly note that there may be two different voltages (11.1V and 14.8V) associated with the same model or part number. They are totally NOT compatible. Please check your original battery voltage before placing an order.

A Li-Ion battery labeled 10.8V is the same as a Li-Ion battery labeled 11.1V.

A Li-Ion battery labeled 14.4V is the same as a Li-Ion battery labeled 14.8V.

All our product images are for reference only,The Shuttle ENP-2320 Servers Adapter supplied by our company are compatible with certain products of manufacturers, and Any reference to products or trademarks of such manufacturers is purely for showing the product with which our products are compatible. Besides, our company and website are neither affiliated with these manufacturers nor are the products listed in our website manufactured by those products manufacturers.

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