The iPhone 15 Event Could Leave Some Apple Fans Sour

Commentary: A number of changes rumored for the iPhone 15 — including higher costs — may stir up gripes from customers. Apple may need to approach its September event differently to sweeten the pitch.

Apple is having its next big event on Sept. 12, and we’re expecting the company to reveal the new iPhone 15 models.

But this year, customers who want the best iPhone might be paying more than ever before. Analysts report the cost of the Pro models will be increasing by $100 to $200. Add to that the cost of new charging accessories some households will need to buy, because the iPhone’s long proprietary Lightning port is reported to be replaced by USB-C.

In this week’s episode of One More Thing, embedded above, we review the changes reported to come to the iPhone 15 that could leave some Apple fans feeling sour — and how Apple may need to spin extra marketing magic in this presentation to persuade longtime customers to upgrade.

People might feel peeved at more than just the price tag. The best camera is reported to only be on the most expensive, plus-size model. Customers may be juggling multiple cords in the home with a charging port change. A reported new side button gives pundits something new to poke at. Add to that questions looming over the future of the Vision Pro, and there is potential for more criticism at this iPhone event than previous years.

Apple teased this event with the tagline Wonderlust. But can Apple find a way to give customers a vision of future tech that is worthy of the name? In recent years, Apple executives have moved away from doing product reveals on stage in front of a live audience. Now the company will be showing us if it can still spark wonder and awe in its fan base with safe, pre-recorded presentations.

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